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May 2015

Welcome to TheDollPage!

We are currently rebuilding our websites following a recent fatal server failure. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this is causing our members and visitors.

At this time we have 4 sites working: Photo Album #2, The Marketplace, Dollchat, and Photo Album #1 which has just re-opened although a few minor changes need to be made there.

The Show & Sell site has been permanently closed as the software was so old and out of date that it was incompatible with the software running our new server. We tried several times to get it working but it didn't work out and was causing server problems which affected our other sites.

We apologize to everyone who has contacted us, or attempted to contact us, and have received no reply. Our email has been sporadic and we had little time catch up. Special thanks to those of you who have offered to help. We appreciate it very much!

We have been building a new doll mall website which we had planned to open this month, but that has been delayed due to the server crash.

More information and updates for the new doll mall will be posted here as things develop. Thank you for your patience and understanding and for your loyalty over the years. It is truly appreciated!

Steve & Rae


May 2015 Picture Credits

Dollcis Numina OOAK Prototype "Lingerie Grey" with "FDQ Grey" Gown. Two-tone hard cap wig by "Michael Hawaii". Rhinestone hinged cuff bracelets from Facets by Marcia. In the collection of and photography by Rae.