The basics

This site is designed for anyone to upload pictures and then be provided the code you need to post those pictures on doll forums, eBay, and anywhere else on the Internet where you can post pictures. This site is meant to provide easy short-term storage only and is not a traditional on-line photo album.

Pictures uploaded to this site remain here for 90 days. The posting code you get when you upload a picture is good for 90 days.

Use without an account

No account is necessary to use the site. Simply upload your picture and you will get a page showing the posting code you need along with a handy "copy to clipboard" button so you can easily copy the code you need to your computer clip-board. Once your picture has been uploaded, it will be added to the public "Gallery". If you lose your code, you can either upload the picture again or look through the public Gallery to find it. When you find it in the public Gallery just click on it to bring up the page with the codes.

Use with an account

There are only three advantages to creating an account.

1) You will get a link to a page (a private gallery) which will show all your pictures. You would not have to look through the public Gallery to find them (if you needed to).

2) You will be able to make your pictures "private", which means that they will not show up in the public Gallery. All pictures uploaded are originally marked as public and go into the public Gallery, but account holders can edit their images to make them private if they wish to do so.

3)You can delete your pictures anytime. Please note that pictures are automatically deleted after 90 days, so you never have to delete anything unless you want to.